100% success rate rodent removal




ACES pest control frequently get calls from domestic homes in Auckland-“HELP” I still have  a mouse infestation Auckland  Around half of the callers have tried DIY and had no success.

Mice why should we get rid of them?

(i) Mice are small rodents that are prolific breeders. A female mouse can produce up to 200 young in her life time. What this means for the home owner is soon you will be overrun!

(ii) Mice are incontinent and their urine is known to contain Salmonella. Combine this trait with the fact they are excellent climbers, means each morning your kitchen bench is covered in disease. It’s just a matter of time before you and family get sick

(iii) Mice will spoil your food. Any food not in sealed plastic will be spoiled by mice. They will also eat fruit from fruit bowls. They can even steal whole raw eggs from trays without leaving any trace!

How do I get rid of them?

The secret to a 100% success rate with rodents is to establish three key areas,

(i) Nests. Where are they nesting?

(ii) Trails. Where are rodents trailing to and from?

(iii) Access points. Where are they gaining access?


Following a though inspection to establish these three key factors. Once an inspection has revealed these three key areas apply your control method to these places.

Monitor your progress

Remember it only takes one female to start the process again.