Pest control auckland cockroaches

A team of engineers and entomologists at Texas A&M University are fitting electronic devices to cockroaches to see whether they could be controlled and used to access areas that are difficult for humans to reach such as a nuclear disaster zone.

Professor of Entomology S Bradleigh Vinson said they were not hurting the insects and he was not aware of them experiencing any pain from the tests.

Gisborne cockroach infestation

The Gisborne cockroach is a bush cockroach and prefer to live outside in bark gardens.

They come into houses in the winter when the house cools down. The cockroach mistakes your house for the garden based on their similar temperatures. Once inside they are trapped and wander around much to the disgust of some people. Uncommonly the get established in kitchens

FREE tip is to cut foliage back to a 5cm gap around your house- if possible. This will reduce the chances of the Gisborne cockroach getting onto you house and then getting in through windows or doorways.

Persistent pest?

It only takes a German cockroach 4-6 weeks to reproduce and then she produces 30-40 young at a time. Given the right conditions, it just a matter a time before the floor collapses under the sheer weight of their numbers.

While they more than a match for DIYers , when we get involved they are TEMPORARY CITIZENS. Using our professional grade products from REPUTABLE research based companies we will ERADICATE  every last one of them.

So if there 10 or ten thousand roaches, get ACES roaches get involved it's just a matter of time before you are cockroach free.

BBC Click's Jen Copestake reports.