earth day


April the 22nd marks Earth Day. In 2023 Earth day is more relevant than ever.

There can be no doubt that the planet is warming up. Warming up faster than predicted.

co2 vrs temperature graph

It would seem that there is a relationship between Carbon Dioxide emissions and increasing temperatures.

While this issue is a Global issue and it needs a truly international approach, there is a part that we call all can play. No matter how small.

It’s called nominal gains. Even though individuals reducing their carbon emissions, won't change the overall picture. If everyone makes a small change then the impact worldwide can be significant.

This is the reason ACES pest control is about to provide ZERO emission services. Soon the vehicle we will turn up in will be a ZERO emission van.  Additionally, the Van will be powered by ZERO emission electricity.  We are powering the Van exclusively from a power source that does not emit carbon dioxide. They use renewables e.g. solar, geothermal and hydro to generate the power.

zero emission power


For the transport companies that get our stock to us, we will continue to purchase carbon credits though trees that count.

Not only is ZERO emissions  good for the planet, it's good the bottom line of the  company too. Running costs of an EV are currently a fifth of a regular vehicle.

While it's a small gesture, it’s the most we can do. If we all did a small bit towards cutting down emissions, then soon it would start to add up.

Soon,  ACES pest control looks forward to offering ZERO emission  pest control.

Happy Earth Day for 2023