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Invasion of the boddy Scratchers - Aces Pest Control director Owen Stobart said wasp nests were already widespread. Usually his firm dealt with wasps from mid-December but he was already battling wasp infestations this week....
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These suckers are out of control - ""They're actually the insect most resistant to chemicals in the world because they have a coating wax over their body," he said. "It's like applying a chemical to someone with a raincoat on - you just can't get to them. They're also very good at hiding, they like to squeeze into small gaps. They are hands-down the worst infestation to have...."
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Rat 'invasion' in Auckland as pest control experts report surge in calls  ACES Pest Control director Owen Stobart said Auckland was under an “invasion” and his firm was responding to almost 10 incidents a day. Stobart spoke out after residents of West Auckland's Titirangi Village this week complained they were being over-run by "rats as big as cats" ...

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Unseasonal dry weather keeps wasp scourge airborne   Aces Pest Control Auckland director Owen Stobart said in the decade he has been exterminating vermin across the Auckland region he's never seen anything like it...

.....Owen Stobart is a pest control expert and the director ACES Pest Control.

A climate impact?

Stobart said high temperatures produce more rats and pests in general.....

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