CAVEAT EMPTOR buyer beware

Rat extermination  North Shore Auckland. In New Zealand there is a range of devices that emit ultrasonic sound waves that  pest control rodents. Nice work of you can get it. Just sell the punters some plug in some "do dacky thingy" and Bob's your uncle, you're rodent free.

OR ARE YOU?  Do they work?

Here are some interesting facts for you to ponder before purchasing one.

(i) In 2004 the ACCC in Australia ruled that these devices had been advertised with false claims. Their main false claim was

" produces an electromagnetic disturbance and an ultrasonic barrier, causing an irritating pulsation that drives pests out of a home" (a)

The ACCC ordered the distributor to refund the nearly 240 000 customers their money back.

(ii) In 2012 the Advertising Standards Authority in New Zealand upheld a complaint against Pestrol for misleading advertising. Thir main claim was "ultrasonic device drove rodents out of homes/businesses".
The advertising standards authority stated about Pestrols claim has

" no basis in science or reality when applied to this product.(b)''

(iii) Customer experience: One of our customers purchased an ultrasonic rodent repeller. Her experience was that it made excellent (but expensive) night light when she went to the bathroom at night.
After a month of no change in her rodent infestation she decided to take it back for a refund. After many phone calls and no refund she had to actually take time from her busy schedule and go into
the office in Albany- Auckland. There the office lady got out the refund folder, to which my customers surprise was extremely large and "bursting at the seams" with refunds. While this Company
did take its time AND need many calls AND require a visit from our customer they did EVENTUALLY refund her the purchase price.

(iv) ACES experience: houses with thriving rodent infestations often have ultrasonic devices plugged in. To be clear the Ultrasonic rodent repellers are NOT working in the 1000s of houses that ACES
is called to for rodents.

(vii) Comment:  Before purchasing  one of  these devices, why not ask for a published peer review study showing effectiveness?

2016 UPDATE- Dr Bobby Corrigan- the leading Authority in the USA and maybe the world, made the plea at the 2016 NPMA meeting in Seattle-

"would someone, anyone, please ( he begged) publish some results- anything- good bad indifferent to show that sonic devices work on rodents" .He continued "because to date there is not a shed, nothing, NADA, ZIP!"


LAST WORD goes to the Advertising Standards Authoritys Greg Allan " advised customers to research a product first to make sure they were getting what they paid for."


ACES pest control suggests you ask for evidence that these things work before buying them.