story credit to TVNZ  and Lucas De Jong

When is an essential service during the a lockdown essential?

TVNZ seven sharp Lucas De Jong went along with ACES pest control to find out.

The government has decreed that pest control is an essential service when there is a risk to a persons health and safety.

Who can work

At Alert Level 4, we all need to stay in our household bubbles. If you or your employees can work from home, they can continue to work at Alert Level 4.

If your business provides an Alert Level 4 business or service, then your employees can go into work if they cannot work from home.

You cannot apply to provide an Alert Level 4 service — instead it is up to the business to check whether they meet the definition of an Alert Level 4 business or service.

You do not need an exemption or permission to operate or for your employees to go to work.

Pest controllers can go to other people's homes to work but this should be limited to work that is immediately necessary. Strict health and hygiene measures and record keeping systems and processes need to be in place.