ACES pest control is working towards being a  Carbon Neutral Pest Management company

Climate change is becoming increasingly important to New Zealanders. Recent climate events in 2023 in  NZ have underlined the need to reduce carbon emissions.

ACES pest control is planning to reduce our carbon emissions in 2023.

Our plan  is start using an EV van with NO carbon emissions in 2023. Also in the pipeline is charging the EV van with green energy. More on this to come....

Our spray gear is all battery powered - emission free.

ACES  pest control will continue to purchase carbon sink trees from the Trees that count in 2023 as well. These will offset the small about of carbon emissions that we currently make trading.

By the end of 2023 ACES pest control will publish an ongoing audit of the companies carbon foot print. More on this to come....

We will continue to recycle any plastics that  we use during trading.