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What is my pest Borer?

There are different types of wood eating beetle in Auckland. There are two commonly found and one uncommon. The first two are the Powder Post Beetle and the Furniture Borer. They are  common and most likely to be the pest when someone calls in saying I have "borer". Typically these are inside houses where there is older untreated wood. Both are relative small beetles and have small pinholes ( around 2 mm) in the wood.  The third is the Longicorn beetle. This beetle leaves distinctive oval holes ( around 7-10 mm ) that are much larger than the other two borers. The Beetle is also much larger too.

Borer beetles are on the wing typically in January through to March each year.

However the larvae or maggots that are eating your home are active year round.


Borer pest control, how it works

We use a salt to treat your timber not a pesticide. The salt is Sodium Borate or PestBor . We need the  timbers to be naked and free of insulation, paint or varnish. We then soak the exterior surface of the timbers with 2-3 copious coats of PestBor. This treatment has no affect on the beetles but is deadly to the maggots or larvae that eat the timber in your house.

When the wood eating maggot or larvae surfaces from the wood onto a treated surface it's already consumed < 5mm of PestBor soaked timber. It crawls a small distance and starts a new pinhole, but perishes before it gets through the next 5mm of treated timber.

Borer pest treatments- how long do they take?

The time of treatment depends on the number of areas to be treated and size of these areas.  It may take 1-2 days of treatment and require 50-150 litres of PestBor

Is a Borer treatment safe?

PestBor's active is a salt called Sodium Borate. The Boric class of chemicals are considered to be very low toxicity to humans and their pets.

Furthermore,  once PestBor is applied to the wood it is only available to insects that ingest wood. So unless you eat wood you can't get access to the PestBor in your house!

Borer spray treatments- how long do they last?

The treatment we use kills the wood eating larvae. It takes up to nine months to have an effect on the borer.

Once the PestBor is in the wood it protects it from wood eating insects.

We offer a ten guarantee that is active after 9 months from the treatment date



"As a Barfoot and Thompson Property Assistant, I've used Aces on multiple occasions, every time providing work of a fantastic standard.  Aces are very knowledgable, always give an honest opinion and reasonably priced.  I completely recommended Aces and their services."

- Thomas, Barfoot and Thompson


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