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Cheyenne Tugaga
Cheyenne Tugaga
Highly recommend! Have had an ant problem at our house for years and tried so many different things. Owen was great and was able to sort this for us super fast, after a week all of the ants were gone! Thanks again 🙂
O Kenese
O Kenese
Owen was very prompt in responding to our pest problem. We'd tried unsuccessfully. He quickly scoped the area and was very informative so we knew what to expect throughout the process and tips to prevent future issues. We were rid of mice within the week. Payment via Eftpos was available and invoice/receipt was emailed on the spot which was convenient. Very efficient, effective and professional. I would definitely recommend ACES Pest control.
Ssu Lin
Ssu Lin
Owen was super prompt with getting back to me with a free quote for rodent removal from my property. Was able to schedule me in a day later and did a very thorough job inspecting the property and giving me advice on next steps. Basically stopped hearing rats in the ceiling a few days after baits were placed and now I'm about 2 weeks down the track and there is definitely no longer any sounds of unwanted nocturnal visitors in the house! Thanks very much for the great service.
Clifford Tai
Clifford Tai
Quick and easy process in treating the house and I've heard no more scratching in the walls or seen any mouse deposits around the kitchen or lounge. If you have these at your home you should definitely call this company.
Zoe Bunker
Zoe Bunker
Owen from ACES was really knowledgeable and explained everything well. Our pest problem cleared up within 24hrs and have not had any issues since. Thank you.
Stuart Ryan
Stuart Ryan
Owen responded quickly to my initial call and arrived at the prescribed time. Within 30 minutes my rat problem had been taken care of. Great job.
Geoff Wilson
Geoff Wilson
Definitely calling Owen back again if I need him; he was the first exterminator in 5 years who could actually get the job done right and it's been 12 weeks now worry free.
Grace Tauber
Grace Tauber
Owen was A+! Turned up on time, thoroughly and efficiently checked my house for the suspected pests. Would recommend.


Find out more about  White Footed House Ants, Argentine Ants and Coastal Brown ants. How we can help you deal with them.

how do I get rid of cockroaches

There are 2 types of Cockroaches - we can help with Outside Cockroaches like the Gisborne Cockroach and Inside Cockroaches like the German Cockroach.

rat hole in wall

Mice and Rats - how to identify them, and how we can help you manage and get rid of them.


Your local New Zealand Pest Control expert. Providing services for ants, bed bugs, borer, carpet beetles, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mice,  rats, silverfishspiders  and wasps.

Trusted source of information as all the media outlets use ask ACES pest control for comment on their pest control articles. As seen on TVNZ, TV3 and RNZ.

Winner of Independent awards for Best pest control company. Multiple times.

We use the best  products from Germany and the US. We have more than 14 + years of experience.


Charges from Pest Control companies varies, depending on the type of service they offer and what sort type of support the service comes with.

Firstly is the service for a business or a residential home?

Some businesses require regular services as monitoring agencies such as MPI or the local council require this. So it's not unusual for food business to have a Pest Control company on a regular basis. The frequency of the visits can also vary from pest control company and the requirements of the business.

Residential homes mostly have an issue that is only addressed once a year example and insect spray in summer. Or it could be an urgent issue,   example rodents invading at the beginning of winter.

Charging out for services varies from company to company. Some offer guarantees and charge only initially, while others charge as you go.

ACES pest control is a mid priced company, as we use the best products on the market from mainly Germany and the USA.

We pride ourselves on being professional and providing effective and safe treatments.

ACES pest control is happy to provide a quote, on the basis that we are a mid priced Professional company providing effective treatments


The cornerstone of effective pest control is the inspection. An inspection reveals what type of pest, the scale of the situation and mostly importantly how to provide an effective solution.  From this point a professional pest controller can not only offer an effective solution, but can do with minimal exposure of you and your family to chemicals or controls the industry uses.

ACES pest control uses the original products from Reputable Researched based Companies .  We find these products more reliable than generic copies.

We qualified Urban pest controllers having completed   Protrains course on Pest Management . We are also up to date as we are attend the NPMA meeting on a regular basis.

This means we use the best practice with our techniques, resulting in the highest level of safety for you and your family, but our services are very effective too.


Quite possibly New Zealand's  first  EMISSION FREE pest control Company?

We are now using an EV Van for trading,  which has ZERO emissions.  The van is  powered by RENEWABLE electricity. No carbon is emitted while from the electricity used to charge the van.

In fact,  all our equipment is now battery powered, so we no longer emit any carbon while trading as ACES pest control!

Additionally, for carbon emissions out of our control e.g. couriers delivering our supplies,  we will continue to purchase  trees

Yes,  ACES pest control is proud to announce that we are  now a carbon neutral company.

We also recycle all our packaging  consumed  while trading.

All things being equal,  why not consider using an Emission free pest control company?

zero carbon emisssions

TVNZ on NYC Rat Acadamy


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