How much is pest control ?

How much do pest control companies charge?

Charges from Pest Control companies varies, depending on the type of service they offer  and what sort type of support the service comes with.

Firstly is the service for a business or a residential home?

Some businesses require regular services as monitoring agencies such as MPI or the local council require this. So it's not unusual for  food business to have a Pest Control company on a regular basis. The frequency of the visits can also vary from pest control company and the requirements of the business.

Residential homes mostly have an issue that is only addressed once a year example and insect spray in summer. Or and urgent issue with rodents invading at the beginning of winter.

Charging out for services varies from company to company. Some offer guarantees and charge only initially, while others charge as you go.

ACES pest control is a mid priced company, as we use the best products on the market from mainly Germany and the USA.

We pride ourselves on being professional and providing effective and safe treatments.

We are never the cheapest and never the most expensive.

ACES pest control is happy to provide a quote, on the basis that we are a mid priced Professional company providing effective treatments


Do landlords have to pay for pest control?

There is no hard and fast rule about landlords or tenants paying.

Mostly when a tenant moves into a home, its is assumed it will be pest free. If the tenant discovers a pest issue upon moving in, that is commonly covered by landlord.

If the tenant discovers a pest issue while they have already been living in the house for a while, this is where the two parties need to discuss the issue of who pays.

Best advice is to have good communication between the landlord and tenant to find a solution both are happy with.