Food manufacture

Expert Pest Control Solutions for Food Manufacturing Facilities

Maintaining the stringent standards of food manufacturing requires experienced  pest control solutions.

With our extensive experience in commercial kitchens, ACES Pest Control offers prompt and effective services tailored to meet the unique requirements of your industry.

Trusted by internationally and nationally recognized brands for over 15+ years, we specialize in mitigating pests without compromising the integrity of your food production process.

ACES pest control is a trusted source of information to all the NZ media outlets, and has written article for the national news programs.

Our locally owned and operated company prioritizes expertise, with technicians boasting 15+ years of experience and ProTrain certification in Urban Pest Control.

With an integrated approach to pest management, we address the big picture to ensure comprehensive solutions for your facility.

Trust ACES Pest Control to handle your pest issues effectively - contact us today.


"Aces Pest Control was great for us in an urgent situation.  They were able to quickly formulate and execute a plan to eradicate/maintain our premises and provided us a detailed report and all at a very reasonable cost.  I would recommend  ACES to anyone who requires pest control."

- Edward, HSBC