AFTER THE FLOOD-Bug and spider invasion


auckland flood

After the flood…

It’s been a tough old week for the city of Auckland. Rain like we have never seen before. Serious consequences for many including floods, loss of possessions, homes and sadly lives too.

But spare a thought for the fauna out there such as bugs and spiders. They too have been flooded out. In some cases they have also had to  move around as their homes have been made unlivable.

That’s right,  Pest Controllers are reporting a steady number of calls about unwanted visitors following the Auckland floods.

Ants can be a problem when it floods as some species live in the ground. The Argentine ant is a good example, once their nest gets swamped they get on the move to find a new home. The problem is that  people don’t want that new home to be their current one!

argentine ants

Wandering spiders are another type of critter that are more visible after the flood. These are type of spiders that don’t spin a web to catch their next meal. They hunt their prey. The Wolf spider is commonly found in Auckland and can get quite large. Although harmless to humans, they will sometimes wander into homes after rain/floods. They often travel in pairs, and while finding the first one is not so hard, the second one can take a while to find. One customer told me that had one in their home the size of his hand. He popped it  a container , and later safely ushered it out. But didn’t find the other one for two weeks. In his wardrobe, hanging off his jacket!

Luckily it had perished and was easily cleaned up.

Still two weeks with a spider the size of your hand in the your bedroom without you knowing…

What was it doing when you were asleep?!?!?

If the bugs are getting annoying after the recent weather, give it a go sorting it yourself. If that doesn’t work, call your local pest controller. They can offer a house treatment targeted at the bugs that are annoying you!

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